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Commercial Releases

Albums & CDs
-Funky Good Time: The Anthology - The JB's 1995
-Funky Good Time: Live - Pee Wee, Fred & Maceo 1993
-A Blow For Me, A Toot To You - Fred & The Horny Horns 1977
-Say Blow By Blow Backwards - Fred & The Horny Horns 1979
-I Like It Like That - The JB Horns 1994
-Bring The Funk On Down - The JB's Reunion 1999

Singles & EPs
-Pull Your Pants Up!!! - The JBs 2008 iTunes Plus Download

Non-Album Tracks

-tracks from Funky People compilations (note all versions that differ from above compilations)
-Blow Your Head-Undubbed Version* (JBs), Picking Up The Pieces One By One* (AABB - Above Average Black Band), others from Funky People 3 rel 2000
-To My Brother* - (JBs with James Brown 1973) from Move to Groove 1995
-Use Me - (Fred Wesley & The JBs 1972 B-Side) from Move to Groove 1995
-Lickety Split* (Horny Horns 1979) from Vol 3: Plush Funk
-Pull Your Pants Up (Extended Version), Pull Your Pants Up (Instrumental) - The J.B.'s from Pull Your Pants Up!!! 2008 (iTunes Plus Download Vault CD 48)

-I Envy The Sunshine* (Jessica Cleaves 1980) w/Horny Horns from Vol 3: Plush Funk
-Flatman And Bobin* (Parliament) w/Horny Horns, Rat Kissed The Cat* (Dr Funkenstein & The Brides of Funkenstein) w/Horny Horns from A Fifth of Funk
-Live Up (To What She Thinks of Me) (Parliament 1975) with Horny Horns from Testing Positive for the Funk
-Every Booty (Get On Down) (Parliament 1979) with Horny Horns; Does Disc Go With Dat (Simon Says) (Parliament 1979)  from The 'P' Is The Funk 1993

*=Track available only on the CD listed