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Commercial Albums

-Tear The Roof Off: Parliament, 1974-1980 (1993)

Studio Albums
-Osmium (1970) [Don't own yet]
-Up For The Down Stroke (1974)
-Chocolate City (1975)
-Mothership Connection (1975)
-The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (1976)
-Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome (1977)
-Motor-Booty Affair (1978)
-Gloryhallastoopid (or, Pin the Tail on the Funky) (1979)
-Trombipulation (1980) [Don't own yet]
-Rhenuim (1990)
-First Thangs (1992)

Live Albums
-Live: P-Funk Earth Tour 1977

Non-album Tracks

Out-takes & One-offs
-Flatman And Bobin (1978) from A Fifth of Funk
-Go Fer Yer Funk (1980) from Go Fer Yer Funk
-Does Disc Go With D.A.T.? (1979) from P is the Funk
-Live Up (1975) from Testing Positive for the Funk

Live Tracks
-Give Up The Funk/Flashlight/One Nation Under A Groove/Atomic Dog - with Mary J. Blige from All Access Live 2000

Background Appearances
-Funkin' For My Mama's Rent* (Gary Fabulous & Black Slack 1980-81), I Can't Stand It* (Trey Lewd et al 1981), The Monster Dance* (Ron Ford 1980) w/Parliament & Funkadelic from Vol. 3: Plush Funk