Maceo Parker - Discography

2003 Made By Maceo What Are Records?
2000 dial:MACEO esc Records (Europe)/ What Are Records? (USA)
1998 Funk Overload esc Records (Europe)/ What Are Records? (USA)
1994 Maceo (soundtrack) Minor Music (Europe only at this time)
1993 Southern Exposure/ Jive Novus/ Minor Music
1992 Life on Planet Groove/ Verve/ Minor Music
1991 Mo' Roots/ Verve/ Minor Music
1990 Roots Revisited/ Verve/ Minor Music
1989 For All the King's Men/ 4th & Broadway
1975 Funky Music Machine/ House of Fox/ El Cello
1974 Us People/ PVine (Japanese Import only at this time)
1970 Doing Their Own Thing/ House of the Fox/ Charly

Appears On...

2002 Zapp & Roger We Can Make You Dance (Saxophone)
2002 McCann, Les Pump It Up (Alto Sax)
2002 The J.B.'s Bring the Funk on Down (Alto)
2002 Prince One Nite Alone...Live! (Saxophone)
2002 Brown, James Original Funk Soul Brother (Sax) 
2001 Brown, James Live at the Apollo, Vol II (1968) Sax (Tenor)
2001 Jones, Rodney Soul Manifesto (Alto Sax)
2001 Miller, Marcus M2: Power & Grace (Alto Sax)
2001 Parker, Corey Subliminal Souls (Sax)
2001 Viagens, Pedro Abrunhosa (Sax)
2001 DiFranco, Ani Revelling: Reckoning (Saxophone)
2000 Prince Rave 2000 (Saxophone)
2000 Taylor, Sally Apt #6S (Saxophone)
2000 Brown, James James Brown's Funky People, Pt. 3 Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor) 
2000 Brown, James Ballads (Sax) 
2000 DiFranco, Ani Swing Set (Saxophone)
1999 Ani DiFranco To the Teeth (Sax)
1999 Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (Sax)
1999 Washington, Walter "Wolfman" Blue Moon Risin' (Saxophone)
1998 Brown, James Dead on the Heavy Funk, 1975-1983 (Sax)
1997 Blues, Boogie, Rhythm & Blues Sax (Alto) 
1997 Upchurch, Phil Whatever Happened to the Blues Sax (Alto) 
1997 Neal, Kenny Deluxe Edition Sax (Alto) 
1997 Booming on Pluto: Electro for Droid (Arranger)
1997 Jane's Addiction Kettle Whistle (Saxophone)
1996 N Celebration of Blues: New Breed Sax (Alto) 
1996 Little Magic in a Noisy World Sax (Alto) 
1996 Brown, James Foundations of Funk -- A Brand New Bag: 1964-1969 (Baritone & Tenor Sax, Vocals) 
1996 Brown, James Make It Funky -- The Big Payback: 1971-1975 (Sax)
1995 Byrd, Bobby Got Soul: The Best of Bobby Byrd (Baritone & Tenor Sax)
1995 The J.B. Horns Funky Good Time: The Anthology (Flute, Arranger, Alto Sax, Vocals)
1995 Back to Basics, Vol. 2 (Producer)
1995 Goldings, Larry Whatever It Takes Sax (Alto)
1995 Wesley, Fred Say Blow by Blow Backwards (Horn, Keyboards, Horn Arrangements)
1995 Parliament Best of Parliament: Give Up the Funk (Horn) 
1995 Axiom Funk Funkcronomicon Sax (Alto), Vocals
1994 JB's I Like It Like That Sax (Alto), Vocals (bckgr) 
1994 Ferry, Bryan Mamouna Sax (Alto) 
1994 Collins, Bootsy Blasters of the Universe (Horn)
1994 Parlet Best of Parlet (Wind)
1994 The J.B.'s I Like It Like That (Organ, Piano, Alto Sax, Vocals)
1993 The J.B. Horns Funky Good Time (Alto Sax, Vocals)
1993 Clinton, George Plush Funk (Fender Rhodes, Horn Arrangements)
1993 Koz, Dave Lucky Man Sax (Alto) 
1993 Theessink, Hans Call Me Sax (Alto) 
1993 De La Soul Buhloone Mindstate (Rap)
1993 Brown, James Soul Pride: The Instrumentals 1960-1969 (Baritone, Tenor, Master of Ceremonies, Brass)
1993 Manifestation: Axiom Collection II Sax (Alto) 
1993 Ferry, Bryan Taxi Sax (Alto)
1993 Worrell, Bernie Blacktronic Science Flute, Sax (Alto) 
1993 Color Me Badd Time & Chance Sax (Alto) 
1993 Dulfer, Candy Sax-A-Go-Go (Arranger, Horn, Vocals)
1993 Clinton, George "P" Is the Funk (Organ, Clavinet)
1993 Best Jazz Is Played with Verve (Horn)
1992 Deee-Lite Infinity Within (Horn)
1992 Ten Thousand Maniacs Our Time in Eden Sax (Alto) 
1992 Attar, Bachir Next Dream Flute, Sax (Alto) 
1991 House Party II Official Soundtrack (Saxophone) 
1991 Neal, Kenny Walking on Fire Sax (Alto) 
1991 Wesley, Fred Comme Ci Comme Ca Sax (Alto) 
1991 Worrell, Bernie Funk of Ages (Horn) 
1991 Material Third Power Sax (Alto)
1991 Brown, James Star Time Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
1990 Brown, James Messing with the Blues Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)
1990 Wesley, Fred New Friends Percussion, Sax (Alto) 
1990 P-Funk All Stars Live at the Beverly Theatre (Vocals)
1990 Wesley, Fred New Friends (Sax)
1990 Collins, Bootsy Jungle Bass (Sax)
1990 Living Colour Time's Up (Saxophone)
1990 Deee-Lite World Clique (Saxophone)
1990 Wirtz, Billy C. Backslider's Tractor Pull Sax (Alto)
1990 Gramavision 10th Anniversary Sampler (Saxophone)
1989 Criminal Element Orchestra Locked Up (Saxophone)
1988 Richards, Keith Talk Is Cheap Sax (Alto) 
1988 Collins, Bootsy What's Bootsy Doin'? (Horn) 
1988 Brown, James James Brown's Funky People, Pt. 2 Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor) 
1987 Jackson, Yvonne I'm Trouble Sax (Alto) 
1986 Clinton, George R&B Skeletons in the Closet (Sax)
1986 Brown, James James Brown's Funky People, Pt. 1 Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor) 
1986 Brown, James Gravity Sax (Alto)
1986 Brown, James In the Jungle Groove Sax (Tenor) 
1985 Red Hot Chili Peppers Freaky Styley (Saxophone)
1985 Clinton, George Some of My Best Jokes Are Friends (Horn) 
1985 Brown, James The CD of JB (Sax)
1984 Brown, James/JBs Doing It To Death: 1970-1973 (Sax, Flute)
1984 Brown, James Ain't That A Groove: 1966-1969 (Sax)
1983 Clinton, George You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish (Saxophone) 
1983 P-Funk All Stars Urban Dancefloor Guerillas (Horn) 
1981 Brown, James The Best of James Brown Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
1980 Parlet Play Me or Trade Me (Sax)
1980 Parliament Trombipulation (Horn) 
1980 Collins, Bootsy Ultra Wave (Horn)
198? Mico Wave Cookin' from the Inside Out!!! (Horn) 
1979 Parliament Gloryhallastoopid (Horn) 
1979 Collins, Bootsy This Boot Is Made for Fonk-N (Horn) 
1978 Collins, Bootsy Bootsy? Player of the Year (Sax)
1978 Worrell, Bernie All the Woo in the World (Horn) 
1978 Parlet Pleasure Principle (Alto)
1978 Parliament Motor Booty Affair (Horn) 
1977 Wesley, Fred Blow for Me, a Toot to You Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor), Vocals (bckgr)
1977 Parliament Funkentelechy Vs the Placebo Syndro (Horn) 
1977 Parliament Live: P-Funk Earth Tour (Horn) 
1977 Collins, Bootsy Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! (Horn) 
1976 Parliament Mothership Connection (Horn) 
1976 Parliament Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (Horn)
1976 Collins, Bootsy Stretchin' Out in Bootsy's Rubber B (Saxophone)
1975 Brown, James Reality Sax (Alto) 
1974 Brown, James Hell Sax (Alto) 
1973 Brown, James Payback (Flute)
1972 Brown, James Get on the Good Foot Sax (Tenor) 
1970 Brown, James Sex Machine Organ, Sax (Tenor) 
197? Hammond, Johnny Prophet (Tenor Sax)
1969 Brown, James Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud Sax (Tenor) 
1968 Brown, James Live at the Apollo (1968) Sax (Tenor)
1964 Brown, James Out of Sight Sax (Baritone)